How Can I Find God?

The world is filled with people who will help you find "God." Some will suggest meditation, delving deep inside yourself to find some sort of "divine spark." Others will suggest helping the less fortunate, perhaps working at a soup kitchen or at a shelter for the homeless. Still others will point to the wonders of the creation all around us, to the beauty of a sunset or the grandeur of the mountains. In doing one or all those things, you may feel something - you may even think that thing is God. But how can you be sure?

What if the only way to find God is for God to find you?

Jesus told a story about the kingdom of God being like a woman searching for a lost coin, sweeping her house up and down until she finally found it. (Luke 15:8-10). That's what God is like. He is looking for us more fervently than any of us are looking for Him. He spoke through the prophets and apostles, whose words are written in the Bible, so that we could learn what He is like, what He wants from us and for us, and how much He loves us. God wanted to find us so much He became a human being, Jesus of Nazareth, so that we could learn what He is really like. When you read the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, you will not only find God. You will discover that God has found you!