Does God Really Exist?

Since the dawn of recorded history there have been people who have doubted there is any such thing as a "god" or "gods." This is certainly nothing new. However a great many other people, from all cultures and religious traditions, have argued the opposite. The Greek philosopher Aristotle argued that since every effect has a cause, there must be some original cause that, itself, had no cause. It could be argued that this first cause is God. More recently some scientists have proposed that they can see `'intelligent design" in the complex inner workings of living cells. Since design implies a designer, if could be argued that the designer of life is God.

But what if it was impossible to prove absolutely that God exists?

What if, in fact, faith that God exists is, itself, a gift from the God who created the world? The Bible teaches that God has shown Himself to the world, but that we humans have exchanged belief in the obvious for the lie that there is no God (Romans 1:18-25). Now only God can remove the veil of unbelief from our hearts, so that we can believe through hearing God's message in the Bible, God's Spirit can indeed unveil our eyes to see Him and know Him as He really is. Then we are able to see that there is indeed much "proof" of God's existence all around us. Most importantly, we can see that God was at work in Jesus of Nazareth, restoring our relationship with Him in Jesus' life and death, and sowing the seeds of a new creation in Jesus' resurrection from the dead.